Friday, 2 March 2018


What is pre-writing?

Pre-writing precedes actual writing. Pre-writing exercises help children develop their fine motor skills. To be more precise, fine motor skills can be divided into four main components: hand-eye coordination (the eye directs the hand), finger dissociation (moving fingers individually), the ability to stop and start when required, and finger strength or muscle tone.


For example, a child who is playing with modelling dough is working on his fine motor skills, but to be more precise, he is strengthening his fingers and building muscle tone (pulling, flattening, pushing). This activity is therefore essential for learning to write. If the child has no muscle tone, how can he/she hold a pencil adequately?


In general, it is preferable to present activities in an attractive way: on a platter, pretty crayons or pencils, in a special folder just like at school, etc. The materials are always available at all times so that children can practice "writing" whenever they want. 


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