Monday, 2 October 2017

Learning centres are areas within the classroom where students learn about specific subjects and concepts by playing and engaging in activities.

Play is an active form of learning that involves the whole self. The focus of learning in Kindergarten is achieved through exploration and discovery.

Learning centres are age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate learning stations that allow Kindergarten children to:
  • be independent
  • freely choose and experiment with materials that they find interesting
  • investigate, explore, and discover things that are new to them and make connections with things that they already know
  • understand and make sense of the real world and their personal experiences in it
  • develop social and communication skills, and build relationships
  • use up excess energy
  • relax, be themselves, and express themselves
  • take risks without fear of failure
  • explore in their own way and direct their own learning
  • be self-motivated by concentrating on things that interest them
  • see things through another person's point of view by working together
  • face positive challenges and gain self-esteem through success
  • feel accomplished by completing purposeful activities

Learning Centres in Kindergarten

Circle Time and
Block Centre / Construction Area

Dramatic Play Centre

Reading, ICT, and Puppetry Corner

Message and Writing Centre

Numeracy Centre

Literacy Centre

Fine-Motor and Playdough Centre

Science and Arts Centre

Easel Centre