Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dramatic Play Area

     Through dramatic play, children identify with models, roles and unique situations in their environment. Through meaningful experiences in expressive play, young children develop positive, comfortable feelings about themselves.

     Children experiment with different roles as they explore the familiar and the unknown through pretend play. The dramatic play area is filled with props and dress-up clothes to encourage imagination. In term 1, this area was set-up as a kitchen/home living area. This term, it is the beach.

     Children learn to work with other children, to share, and to make compromises (who gets to be the mother? the father? the baby?). They also practice verbal skills and develop an understanding of symbolic representation that leads to the development of reading and writing skills.

     In the Dramatic Play area, children break through their restrictions of reality as they pretend to be anyone or anything they choose. 

     When engaged in role-play, children deepen their understanding of the world around them and develop life-long skills.